Intercessors Prayer Bulletin: Praying Against

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In holding with the characteristics of true intercession do you remember to add “praying against” to your prayers? Just as important as calling down blessing, relief, or protection for people, places, lands and circumstances, is praying that God, in His power, authority, and might will put a stop to enemy and destructive activity. Oftentimes we forget we do have, through our praying, the ability and authority to stop the forces of evil in their tracks. We should not think all things are meant to be, or even ordained by God to exist, and stand without a fight.

Look over your list of prayer concerns. What is there that you have been asking God’s help? Are there some who are in need of strength in a particularly difficult season? Are there some who are in the midst of violent battle with the devil? Is the enemy doing some serious damage in someone’s marriage, family life? Has he snatched someone’s child away? Is the Church under persecution; some local congregation or Christian fellowship under vicious attack? Have you prayed for God’s help and a good outcome to take place? If so, that’s good praying; but adding prayers against will move your good prayer to the realm of effectual prayer.

Study Psalm 74 as an example of what happens in this kind of prayer. Psalm 74 is an excellent example, and can even serve as a guide as you become familiar with what it means to pray against enemy activity and presence. I have categorized such prayers as violent or battle prayers because they are heavy weapons for mass destruction which we can take onto the battlefield and into the war zone.

In this psalm enemies had come to take over and destroy all the schools of God in the land, as well as His temple and the cities. They were arrogant and bold and taunted the people saying their God would not see or be able to do anything about it. But here is a strong prayer to show the people of God did not fold over or lie down in defeat as the enemy hoped; they prayed, not only about their situation and what the enemy was up to, but they prayed against the enemy and his destructive works!

As you study this psalm see how the psalmist reminds God how He defended them in times gone by (vss. 12-17). See how he boldly asks God to overthrow and bring destruction against the enemy in verses 11, 22.

Using God’s word as a pattern for prayer will help you pray boldly and confidently, knowing God is not only on our side, ready to defend His people, the innocent, the Church from enemy assault, but will exert His power over and against them as well.    


O God, do not cast us off forever. Do not deliver the soul of your dove (precious one) into the hand of these wild beasts who have no regard for you; do not forget the life of your poor forever but have regard for the covenant you have made with us. (v19, 20). Deliver us from evil, bring to ruin and destroy those who seek to destroy                     . Remember how you have helped                    before during time of attack, how you have crushed and divided and even fixed boundaries the enemy could not cross. We/I pray not only for deliverance of/for                   but that you would destroy the forces of evil and the works of their hand in this situation. Arise, O God, defend your cause. Do not forget the clamor of your foes, the uproar of those who rise against you, which go up continually. Because all victory is secured the moment we bring it to your attention we/I thank you for all you will do and accomplish here. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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