Intercessor’s Prayer Bulletin: Praying for the Abducted and Imprisoned

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Looking at Psalm 142 we can see how easily it is also the cry of those who have been stalked, abducted, and being held prisoner against their will.

Children; boys, girls and young women snatched from their environments, from their families, schools, workplace. Tormented, physically, psychologically, and sexually abused and harassed every day of their captivity. Not knowing if today will be their last day on earth or not. Held captive by the perverted, the tyrannical, the oppressor.

When we hear of those who have been stolen away we should not rest until we also hear of their safe return to home and family. We should not let our prayers be silent until we know they are safe and sound. And throughout their captivity we should remember to pray for their strength, courage and help. To pray that although their bodies may be broken day after day; that their minds are strong, their faith in God for deliverance does not wane, their spirit is not crushed; so theirs is a victorious outcome in every way.


As we, with them, await their release we can pray along with them psalm 142;

O Lord, with one voice we cry out to you;

With our voice we plead for mercy to the Lord!

We pour out our complaint before You

We tell of our troubles before You

When the spirit of the missing faint within them, you know their way!

In the path where they walked their captor has hidden a trap for them

Look to the right and see there are none who take notice of them;

There is no refuge for them; and no one to care for their soul.

We cry to You, O LORD;

We say, “You are their refuge, their portion in the land of the living

Now in the land of captivity also.

Attend to their cries, O LORD, for they are brought very low!

Deliver them from their persecutors,

For they are too strong for them!

Bring them out of prison, that they may

Give thanks to your name!

The righteous will surround them,

For you will deal bountifully with them!


Is there some little child, boy, girl, or woman you want to pray this psalm for daily until they are brought home alive and safe? Are their dozens, hundreds, thousands you want to keep in prayer during their time of suffering? The torture they face, the daily torment they endure is much too much for most of us to even think about. If there is any comfort, it is in knowing God has not left them alone and even as we join them in prayer they are comforted. As badly as things appear God will secure deliverance for them through our intercession.

When you hear of an abduction or captivity do not keep going about your tasks as though you have not heard or thinking you will remember to pray for them later. At first hearing of a capture and abduction

  • Pray their captors cannot take their life but spare them. As the first three hours are the most critical time after the initial captivity.
  • Pray their captor’s will have pity and let them go; release them even if he has already wounded them.
  • Pray for leads and witnesses to come forward and help point authorities in the direction they went
  • Pray for a door and window of escape to be opened so the abducted and captured can flee.
  • Pray the fierce angel of the LORD will surround them most immediately and no matter what the plans of the abductor are they cannot kill or destroy them
  • Pray God have complete and sovereign control over the situation
  • Pray God wil ldisperse ministering angels to the abducted and keep his or her mind in perfect peace throughout.
  • Commit the individual into the hands of God

Do not worry about how it appears to others concerning your immediate prayers. Does God have use or control of you only in private, during set prayer hours or always, day and night, in season or out of season?

Keep a slip with prayer the petitions written down on your person (handbag, briefcase, etc) so they are handy and you will not be at a loss as to what to pray when hearing of an abduction and captivity.

As we are reminded through the words of the prophet Isaiah concerning the intercessions of God’s people and the promises of God being fulfilled;

On your walls, O Jerusalem,

I have set watchmen;

All the day and all the night

They shall never be silent.

You who put the LORD in remembrance, take no rest,

And give him no rest

Until he establishes Jerusalem and makes it a praise in the earth.

                                                                                                Isaiah 62:6-7

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3 Responses to Intercessor’s Prayer Bulletin: Praying for the Abducted and Imprisoned

  1. Bertram Lewis says:

    Thanks for this one right on point for this crazy world of ours.

  2. Patrice Washington says:

    Yes Lord, I praise thee even when it’s hard to think of those who have been or going through this. Thank you Mother Lewis, for posting this prayer.

  3. Essie Rodgers says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful material, it has so warmed my heart and lifted my sprit!

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