Intercessor’s Prayer Bulletin

Speaking of being taught directly by Christ concerning prayer and His Word. One such teaching comes through Matthew 16 where He taught the disciples about the Keys to the Kingdom of God (Matthew 16:18-19).

While we know He was speaking to them concerning the ministry of faith and forgiveness and what would be bound on earth and in heaven through these. He uses this very teaching to enlighten his followers today concerning intercession.

Listen to the amount of complaint about the condition of things as they are on earth: much complaint but not much (or enough) prayer to counteract all that is happening.

For example the level of drug activity on earth and the youth of our day. If Satan is able to establish a stronghold in the life of one young person times infinity, then he has gained a great ground and stronghold. That means these that are captured and captivated by drug use are not useful in the field, or for the Church, or for the harvesting, let alone living an abundant life for and in Christ. That means these that are captured and captivated will spend nearly their entire lives battling between sobriety and substance therefore they will not be in the Word of God or concerned about the things of god or concerned about salvation or knowledgeable about the forgiveness, mercy, grace, or healing of God.

But we are not to be satisfied with what we see taking place in this age concerning drugs or any other matter of darkness. See through Christ’s teaching about the Keys to the Kingdom of God also to mean through prayer we have the ability to bind up on earth and it will be bound in heaven as well. To lose on earth and it will be loosed in heaven as well. This concerns both good and evil.

As an intercessor are you praying for the binding up of devastating drugs and substances on earth meant to kill and destroy God’s people and bright minds? Are you praying for the capture of drug lords and the discovery and binding up of drug cartels? The binding up of the drugs sold in our communities and schools; the binding up of good minds and young lives to God’s good and for His use alone? Are you praying for the binding up of violent crime in our communities? Crime that sweeps through and brings destruction on a number of levels? That stops the spread of the Gospel? And praying for the loosing of God’s Kingdom and will on earth? The loosing of His love and power; and on and on?

Christ did not say this binding would be easy or swift—but that it is possible and it is powerful when put to (proper) use. Do not look at the situations on earth and simply think they must be… and, We are entirely helpless here… But look and see here is where binding needs to take place…here is where loosing needs to happen!  Remember, Here is where the Keys to the Kingdom have been given to God’s people regarding faith, forgiveness and prayer.

Like the saying; “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” In prayer; “The knee that bends to pray is the knee that determines outcomes and spiritual atmospheres and strongholds, binding, loosing, and gaining.

Let us go forth and pray with power, knowledge, conviction, with Christ by our side.

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