Intercessor’s Prayer Bulletin

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Bite-Size Prayer

If you find it a bit overwhelming to pray for your city as a whole then try this:

Pray for the places you frequent, the bank you go to, the grocery where you shop, the beauty salon, or barber, the movie theater, the mall or department store you frequent, the places your children hangout, the school and library in your community, the fast food places you get take-out or dine-in, the gas station where you fill up your car, etc…

  • Pray there are no acts of violence (including murder, rape, assault) or robberies
  • Pray for the safety of the workers and patrons
  • Pray God will put a fence of protection around the place of business and send His holy angels in time of danger or evil intent
  • Pray the workers are able to make ends meet even if their salary is inadequate
  • Pray God blesses them with wisdom to deal with any problem or difficulty they may be facing
  • Pray for their continued good health and speedy recovery when ill
  • Pray each worker will come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior if they don’t already
  • Pray the Spirit of God will stir their heart and pull them closer in to God
  • Pray the power of darkness or forces of evil cannot have control over their life, the establishment, or area
  • Pray the Spirit of God will use you to confirm the Father’s great love for them each time you shop or frequent there

If the Spirit moves you, let them know from time to time you are praying for their well being, ask if there is any way you might keep them in your prayers. People, even non-Christians love to be prayed for and will often tell you one way or another they could use prayer!



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