Prayer: Disruptions

Then the earth reeled and rocked; the foundations also of the mountains trembled and quaked, because he was angry—Psalm 18:7

 Almighty God, unlike some disruptions of nature, the disruptions of my life might not occur because you are angry, but simply because I am living in this world with many happenings, and because I am living in community with others and may be needed to do something different than my norm from time to time.

Instead of resenting disruptions or grumbling about sudden changes to my schedule and regiment may I see each one as an opportunity:

  • Opportunity to interact with others in a different way or setting…
  • Opportunity to see You at work in a mighty or creative way…
  • Opportunity to increase  my faith or trust in You…
  • Opportunity to be blessed in an unexpected way…
  • Opportunity to bless or assist someone else or others that I don’t ordinarily cross paths with…
  • Opportunity to walk with, and be obedient to the Holy Spirit in a new way…

Whether the disruption is pleasant or unpleasant, help me to first look for Your hand, Your movement, Your plans and will in it, and go with the flow. Keep my attitude, heart and faith in a God place throughout so when things have returned to normal and my regular routine has resumed I can reflect and be glad.

Keep me from being so rigid, unyielding, and unbending that I miss a God-ordained opportunity designed for such a time as this and make me better at responding to the call to get off the beaten path, if only for a moment, to walk with You through disruption! In Jesus’ name, Amen

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