Prayer: It’s Good to Be Here, Lord!

And Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good that we are here.”—Matthew 17:4


Lord Jesus, thank you for the words of Simon Peter. They make me think about the last time I spoke the same words. When was the last time I felt that same sentiment? When was the last time I awakened from a sound sleep, facing a new day or year and said, “Lord, it is good to be here!”  It’s good to be in this place, among these people, in this situation with all of its good and bad, for this time, fulfilling Your holy purposes and will?

Forgive me Lord, if I have become cynical, too disheartened, too influenced, too focused on the enemy, darkness, evil, and gossip of disaster, that my praise of You to be here is all but gone!

Lord of today would it be my last day on earth would it be said of me that I praised You in every breath? That I was glad to be here? Or would it be remembered how I rejected and resented the age and your purposes, and the crosses I bore, and the people I shared this journey with? Lord, may my heart rejoice and my spirit soar when I think of the blessing of life and being right here right now, I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I do know it’s good time to be alive, to be your servant and advancing the kingdom of God right here and right now.

Today I proclaim that it’s good to be here Lord! It’s good to be right where I am in this moment in time! It’s good to be with my family members: to be living in this generation among these people whom I share a very special bond and earthly journey with. It’s good to be in the place where I worship for this time. It’s good to be here with all my personal struggles and challenges. It’s good to be living in the darkest age, beset with evil. It’s good because You are with me Lord! It’s good because regardless of where life is going You are here with me, with all of us!

I will not always be on the mountaintop, sometimes I will have to descend to the valley; I will not always be happy, sometimes I will experience depression and setbacks. I will not always be in good health, sometimes will experience sickness of body, sometimes my table may be empty, sometimes my check will not be as much as I like or need to have, sometimes my relationships will be strained, sometimes my life will not be as ordered as I like it to be and there will be chaos all around, sometimes I will not be at peace and I will have to maneuver through turbulent waters; but even so it will be good to be her, Lord!

Lord Jesus, today I give you all the places and situations I have wanted to run from, all the situations that have caused me to despair and made me want to come home to you [now]. All the valleys I have felt I could not endure, all the imaginations of being somewhere, anywhere but here! And I want to proclaim with Peter that it’s good to be here, Lord! Amen.


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