Prayer for Childre nand Youth

Arise, cry out in the night, at the beginning of the night watches! Pour out your heart like water before the presence of the LORD! Lift your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint for hunger at the head of every street.”—Lamentations 2:19


Lord Jesus, I want to pray for the children and youth of this world. From the time they emerge from the womb they are bombarded with every evil imaginable. Is it no wonder they often go astray and even those from the best and most attentive homes are lost to the world? Lord have mercy on our children and youth!

Lord I pray for their covering. I pray, look throughout the world and claim those that belong to You. Give them shelter from the storms and protect them from the enemy. Early in life they need Your help and power for living. I pray for the preserving of their innocence until their innocence does not serve them, and then I pray for their wisdom. Pour out Your spirit of discernment to the trusting. Lord, in Your mercy hear my prayer for children and youth!

Although they too must travel this same path on earth as we, as wicked increases, so may their wisdom and faith in You! Help them reject that which leads to destruction of their soul and eternal death and instead embrace that which will lead to light and eternal life. Help them reject evil and the wicked influence, substances that would create strongholds in their lives and all things that would lead to moral decay. Lord, in Your mercy hear my prayer for children and youth!

Today Lord, I especially pray for those who have been led astray by bad influences. Hear my prayer for ….. Bring them back to You! Open their eyes and ears so they may see the path they are headed for what it is. Make them like the prodigal on his journey home and meet them in the road with outstretched arms. Lord, in your mercy hear my prayer for mislead children and youth!

Lord, today I pray for the runaway. I know there are many reasons—not all being strong willed and obstinate—that drives children from their homes so I ask in this very gray area that you will watch over each one and where home is safe and loving send them back home to find shelter and love until the time comes to leave the nest naturally… And where home and family have been cruel or abusive I pray give shelter to these young people, provide a covering for them and lead them to those who will not hurt or harm them but help them grow and mature. Lord, in Your mercy hear my prayer for children and youth!

Father God, today I pray for those who have been wounded in body, soul and mind from all types of abuse and neglect… Lord, help them see they are wonderfully created and highly valued in Your eyes. May these early wounds have no sway in their later life but grant recovery to all who have gotten off to such a hurtful start in life. Bind up the hands of the abuser, expose the sexual predator and shut the mouths of those who speak harshly against these little ones who cry themselves to sleep and even consider suicide at such a young age. Oh Lord, deliver! O Lord, send help from above! O Lord, give them a reason to go on in this life; grant them hope and happiness! Lord, in Your mercy hear my prayer for the abused child and youth!

Lord, I pray for those who are enduring any kind of sickness or condition that is a heavy cross to bear that You will refresh them and strengthen them. Touch and deliver those who are under the great stresses of illness and may their testimony include healing and miracles in their life… Help them know every day that You care for them and have not forgotten them and their suffering is not Your punishment or disdain but Your grace will carry them through until their healing comes. Lord, in Your mercy hear my prayer for the sick and suffering child and youth!

Lord Jesus, I pray for the orphaned… Oh Lord that such a suffering should be upon anyone in this life to be alone, let alone a child and youth! Lord, bring parents to the orphaned for You are able to knit families together without a bloodline! Give comfort to these little ones who look for mother and father who wonder why they do not belong to anyone. Bring healing to the lonely soul and brokenhearted. Raise up an army of foster and adoptive families to shelter and love these little ones with the purest love and care. Send those who will embrace the orphaned child and grant families to even the aged-out because we are never too old to belong! Lord, in Your mercy hear my prayer for the orphaned child and youth!

O Lord do not let the wounds of childhood last but bring and health healing to all in need. Clear the conscience of those stinging with the choices of youth and do not remember the sins of our youth. Heal the memories of those who have been subjected to cruelties and sin of others and make their latter years greater than their former!… Thank You Lord for visiting us to the third and fourth generation, for coming to our children and youth of this age just as you have in all ages past. Make us good parents, grandparents, mentors, and spiritual leaders that can be trusted with children and youth. And where the enemy comes to whisper in our ear regarding any child or youth help us reject his evil and embrace your pure love toward all others, especially children and youth. Lord, in Your mercy hear my prayer for children and youth!

Lord Jesus, today I pray for children and youth near and far… That Your hand will be upon each and Your face and favor toward them forever and ever amen!

And Lord, what is a prayer for children if we do not pray for godly parents and guardians? I thank You for providing godly parents and a loving home and to the Christ Child in Mary and Joseph. Grant to all parents a spirit of nurture, patience, praise, blessing, godly discipline, wisdom, and love so the children in their care are strengthened and made wise and learn how to live a pure and godly life. Today I especially remember… thank You for being our highest example of parenthood and may each strive to be more like You toward children and youth in purity and steadfast love. Lord, in Your mercy hear my prayer for your precious people. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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