Today’s Prayer

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble—Matthew 6:34

Lord, I’ve come to recognize there is so much in this life that is way too big for me; that goes beyond my ability to comprehend, that goes over my head intellectually and spiritually and so I push away and reject all thoughts and concerns that would only lead me to despair and become anxious, or cause me to doubt Your steadfast love, power, and sovereignty over all things. Right now I pray for the ability to pump my mental and spiritual brakes so I am not on an emotional or spiritual collision course!

Instead, I will be at peace. I will choose a peace filled mind and peaceful spirit. I will leave these massive matters to Your care and handling. I’ll take my seat near your throne of decision and be at peace to look on as You make the decisions and pass judgments. I’ll let You handle the things that only confound and frustrate me. I’ll let You solve the problems beyond my control and let You control Your own creation and creatures. Let You handle disputes and convince the obstinate heart and stubborn mind who is really in control! I will not borrow trouble from tomorrow, next week, or next month; but live presently in trust that whatever lies ahead You will either divert or give me the strength to handle.

Today, I realize I could take the path of worry and fretfulness and I could walk or ride it for 365, 24/7. But instead I think I’ll just choose peace of mind and trust. I’ll slow my thoughts down. I’ll push anxiety and worry out the door.  I’ll put the brakes on run-a-away thoughts and stay right here! I pray, keep me from the enemy’s clutches when he comes to convince me otherwise; whispering and tempting me to look down the road to the unknown and imagine the worst. Wickedness or despair will not be my counsel this day, next week, next month or throughout the coming year.

Here, today, right now, I give you every thought that has already come in to lead me to despair or doubt:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

And may all those who trust in You never be put to shame but continually say; “My God is great and greatly to be praised” Amen.

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One Response to Today’s Prayer

  1. Webb, Marsha says:

    Good Morning Cheryl and a Happy, Blessed New Year to you. What a fitting scripture and prayer to start the new year off with. I have made a copy to keep close to me so I can re-read it daily until worry and anxiety become a very distant memory. Thank you so much for your friendship and guidance in navigating the scriptures and God’s Word. May God continue to use you as His beacon of light to bring us to a greater understanding of all His promises yesterday, today and always.

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