Christmas Prayer: the gift of Courage

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self control—2 Timothy 1:7


Lord Jesus, I pray grant me the spirit of courage. Give me a courageous spirit so I can make necessary changes in my life. I know in the coming year there will be times when I need to act with boldness and go forth courageously, times when you expect me to stand up and not cower or tremble in fear. I pray for courage even now before I get to that place. I pray for courage to finish this year strong. I pray for courage to stand still or move on out. For courage to have that conversation I have been avoiding. For courage put into action

Today I am reminded of the courage both Mary and Joseph had concerning Mary’s pregnancy. They stepped out on faith in a big way and nobody but You knew the outcome to all they said yes to! Mary’s “yes” took great courage but she chose obedience and submission over fear and comfort…Joseph chose to listen to the angel messenger and say yes to a life with Mary even though the child she carried was not his…they were not the first to act courageously in their life and they will not be the last. I pray to be among their ranks; among the courageous and bold!

Lord here are the situations I have not been particularly courageous about in my own life and I have waited for [them] to solve themselves, to go away, to cease and desist, to begin on their own, but in reality I know [they] will not change until I address them, so I pray for the courage to face them head on, to tackle them in Your powerful name…

Bless You for these words today from Paul to his spiritual son, Timothy. They remind me also that You have not blessed and designed us for cowardly living but for living boldly in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Praying for Others

Lord Jesus, I pray for                          . I pray that he/she is filled with your courage today. I pray               is able to face the things he/she needs to face, to tackle that very difficult problem and situation with courage and boldness…

Lord, if I were in the same situation I don’t know how I would respond. I don’t know if I would have even made it this far. Grant Your spirit of courage, or boldness to                                      and guide them through this time so when they look back they will see how You filled them and surprised them with courage in this critical hour. May their outcome be good and may they be blessed beyond measure. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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