Christmas Prayer: the Gift of Provision

Christmas Wrapping | Tales From A Hungry Life

My God will richly fill your every need in a glorious way through Christ Jesus. Glory belongs to our God and Father forever. Amen—Philippians 4:19


Heavenly Father today I am reminded of how you provide for your people. The times I look at my own resources and know I will come up short, but somehow I don’t.

How many of us could testify about the times we should not have been able to pay that mortgage or rent payment, that gas, electric, water bill, tax bill or school fee. Or the times all else was complete but there was no money for food, yet the table was set every day! Or there was no money to put gas in the car, yet the car never stopped running and we made it everywhere we were scheduled to be running on fumes but never running out!

Thank you Lord for Your faithfulness! Thank You for fulfilling your promise over and over again; because it’s true that I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their children begging for bread (Ps. 37:25).

Faithful God, the government may cut funding, the unemployment check may stop coming in, the hours may be reduced or the job phased out but You do not leave Your children alone or without help and resources.

When I look back over this past year I can see where the holes should have been. I can see those places and times I did not have enough to make it. I can see the things I should not have been able to accomplish; but praise be to God who not only sits high and looks low, but who walks beside me showing me the way, helping me in every time of need:  I did, I could, I managed, I came through, I made it!

Christ, I am not a child born out of darkness and Satan is not my father. I am not abandoned in this world nor left to my own means or strategies but I belong to You and the riches of heaven have been opened up to me for my use. You have set up a heavenly trust for every one of Your children so teach us to come and ask You for every need, whenever we have a need in this life. I am not redeemed by the blood of Jesus to worry, but to trust and to walk in assurance and I can live confidently knowing You will provide for every need I have including physical, emotional and spiritual needs. This too will be a witness to those who do not believe and who are still maturing in the faith.

Gracious Lord, these are the obligations/bills/situations I have been concerned about meeting and I pray for Your provision concerning each one….

I trust You to open the storehouse of heaven and provide all I have need for. I pray to be a good steward of all You so graciously give me and to share with others in need without hesitation knowing You will provide and replace all that I give away. This day I will walk in faith and not worry about tomorrow.

Today I am reminded of Your gracious provisions; it is a gift that keeps on giving! in Jesus’ name. Amen

baby jesus in a manger photo: Jesus in Manger HaveaBlessedChristmas.gif

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