Prayer: Christ’s Christmas Mission

Let all that you do be done in love—I Corinthians 16:14

Christ Jesus,

Yours was not an idle life. You came on a mission: Sent by Your Heavenly Father into this dark world with a purpose: You came to love. And You loved us until the very last breath, and even now You love us from Your throne in Heaven.

You loved us in spite of our selves, in spite of our arrogance and shameless accusation. You loved us when all we could offer was negativity and doubt. You loved us when we lied and denied. You planted seeds and sowed love everywhere You went. Every town and home and conversation was fragrant with love when You departed.

You loved your followers, even the one who could not manage to love you back! You loved those who opposed you bitterly and when you died your mission of love was complete: Your work was accomplished. You loved us and the law was no longer needed, it had served its purpose: to bridge the gap hate and disobedience had caused. Love had done its work!

I pray, make your mission, mine. Take my bitterness and turn it to love. Take my anger and turn it to love. Take my unforgiveness and turn it to love. Take my fear and turn it to love. Take my hurts and painful memories and turn them to love. Take my envy and hate and selfishness turn them to love. Take my emptiness and aching turn them to love. Take my heart of stone and turn it to a heart of love.

May every image, every sight, every sound, every smell, every greeting this Christmas season remind me of Your great mission, Your unimaginable sacrifice, Your unquenchable, unconditional, beautiful, exquisite, never-before-seen or experienced, love. Amen


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