A Christmas Prayer



Lord Jesus,

Parents know the joy a new baby brings. Their hearts are refreshed. They are filled with love beyond measure and cannot take their eyes off this tiny bundle in their arms, wondering how it is possible that such love could come in such a little package! This was the joy of Mary and Joseph when You were born.

But You were not only joy for Mary and Joseph, You brought joy to the earth; to all people who would receive You. That we also might look and see and be filled with wonder and amazement at how such a wonderful gift could be given to us.

Where our eyes and heart and devotion have wandered to other things, bring them back front and center to rest on You alone.

May each song of the season, each glowing light, each ringing bell, remind us what Christmas is all about and like Mary, Joseph, Simeon, and Anna praise God for the gift that has come to us, that we get to see with our own eyes and receive into our hearts and lives. Amen



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One Response to A Christmas Prayer

  1. Patrice Washington says:

    What a difference a Child makes, all glory to God for the Child who became the Savior of the world. Children are blessing, but Christ is the reason we are blessed.

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