Prayer for Today

I am always with you—Matthew 28:20

Lord Jesus,

Some days I lean more toward worrying than trusting. Forgive me when I do, I recognize my old nature at work to shake my peace of mind and take control. How this beautiful promise is on time in my life and circumstances. How my flagging spirit needs to be reminded of your nature, for you are nothing less than perfectly,

  • Faithful
  • Holy
  • Beautiful
  • Compassionate
  • Forgiving
  • Protecting
  • Steadfast
  • Loving
  • Merciful
  • Kind
  • Gentle
  • Attentive

When I worry about tomorrow, or worry about the outcome of things, or worry about my finances, or worry about my future, or worry about the behavior of others, or worry about my family, or concern myself with matters that are just out of my control remind me of who You are.

And even though I seek comfort in the knowledge of Your power and sovereignty over all things, may I find myself trusting more and more on Your Person and character. Realizing You never want anything less than the best for me—even when I am tempted to settle for mediocre!

Jesus, You have made me the apple of Your eye and I am always on Your heart and mind. You think about me night and day and are always concerned about my life. You pick me up when I am down, revive me when the wind has been knocked out of me, put joy in my soul when I am sad, give me hope when I am disappointed, shed light when I sit in darkness, forgive me when I have sinned, give me wisdom when I am perplexed, carry me in Your arms when I have run out of steam, and fight my battles. I am perfectly blessed in and by You.

So today, I give You all the things that weigh heavily on my heart and mind. I give You everything that is out of my control. I give You every situation and person that grieves me. I give You all my fears. I give You every mountain in front of me. I give You my disappointments, my anger, my misplaced love. I name before You everything that stands as a barrier between myself and having perfect peace in You, and I remember Your promise: “I am always with you…”


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One Response to Prayer for Today

  1. Patrice Washington says:

    It is refreshing to pray for the simple things and I’m reminded of a childhood song “Jesus Loves Me”.

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