The Person of God in Prayer

 Although it may be our habit and inclination to trust in the power of God as we pray for various situations it is really the Person of God that should comfort, strengthen and encourage us in our prayers.

Certainly, God is All-Powerful, Omnipotent, and there is no power in heaven or on earth that is greater than He! But, at times, God chooses not to display his power. He chooses not to exhort his power over evil, even though He could! He chooses not to use his power to overrule our stubborn wills or crack His holy whip and make us act right!

Consequently we could be praying for a person with an unyielding will or hardened heart and see no change of attitude or behavior. Since God is All-powerful, we plead to His power to move in  this person’s life. And while God could (because He can do anything He pleases) make them submit to Him or get their act together, He does not. We keep praying, God is silent in this matter…we wonder why the power of God is not here in this situation, over this tough case…

Yet, it is the Person of God that can bring us greater comfort in these prayers. The Person of God, His character is perfect towards us and all of His creation. The Person of God is always consistent and never contrary to His Word. In stubborn hearts we may not see God crack the whip or use the rod of discipline as we would like; but we may witness His being longsuffering and patient; not wanting any to perish but come to Him.

                                                                                         Spiritual Brush Strokes

In your prayer space it’s good to keep a list of God’s attributes and characteristics visible, or at least tucked in your favorite Bible as a handy reference. As you pray remember God has all of these situations and individuals in His care. Be comforted to know God has a time picked out to bring all evil to an end. He has already chosen the moment He will descend upon the life and envelop the heart of the wayward and erring where no resistance can be given. The earth and world is not reeling out of (His) control as some believe it to be. People are no more evil than God tolerates. And not even the spiritually obstinate will avoid a conversation with his or her maker forever!

In matters of evil God says whom He says when, He says how long and how much!

What do we know of God? Who do we know God to be? God is:

Loving, Kind, Compassionate, Forgiving, Patient, Faithful, Just, Merciful, Gracious, Beautiful in all His ways! Finish the list:




What situations or people have you been praying for, praying to see the power of God at work. Disappointed that God has not moved in a powerful way upon these situations or hearts? Do not be disheartened in prayer, but turn your attention to the Person of God. What characteristics do you see being displayed or at work here? Ask God to help you see with fresh eyes; to expand your spiritual vision so You can pray with Him, then, watch how the spiritual climate begins to shift in these matters and hearts!


Lord God,

I confess I don’t always understand all of Your ways and I often pray amiss. Correct me in prayer as you need to do so. Help me pray in accordance with Your will in the lives of those I pray for and for the various situations You show me. Help me to display more of Your own ways in prayer and in my actions and attitudes towards others. While I believe You are Sovereign: powerful over all things and can change the human heart at any time you desire, overruling our freewill and stubborn natures; I also understand You have chosen not to do so, but will wait until we freely and willingly submit our lives to You and surrender our hearts to Yours. You have not made us as puppets to control, but partners to worship and glorify You in all things. Father, I give all these matters that concern me and are upon Your heart as well and ask You to be present in each situation, as You desire. Where the sick are not immediately healed by your power, nor the addicted cured of their illness, nor the abused rescued most immediately, nor the criminal or evil mind not converted to goodness, I trust it is Your Person that will be with each  until the time You have chosen to move in power upon every situation in this earth. Lord, hear my prayers for …


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2 Responses to The Person of God in Prayer

  1. This is a new way to see God, especially in prayer! Thank you for this new perspective and once again showing me God is still in control! He moves in the right time!

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