Praying for Your Neighborhood and Community: A Prayer for Protection

Contend O LORD, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me! Take hold of shield and buckler and rise for my help! Draw the spear and javelin against my pursuers!…How long, O LORD, will you look on? Rescue me from their destruction, my precious life from the lions!—Psalm 35:1-3, 17


As we watch the evening news or read our local papers let’s do more than think “how bad our times have gotten”: carjacking, murder, assault against the innocent on their way to school or work or leisure, rape and kidnappings…Let’s call upon God to give us protection against the enemy; against the lion in the street as the psalmist refers to the wicked who hunts down the innocent and to make our streets safe and free to walk…

Lord Jesus, in our streets there are robbing, murder, rape, taunting, attack against the innocent—we are stumped by the wicked who plot and scheme in elaborate ways. While we sleep they prowl. While we plan good they plot destruction and evil. While we go off to work they break in and steal our possessions. While we remain pure, they rape and plunder. While we walk along, they bully and harass. Give us help against the enemy O Lord, for the help of man is limited and useless. Let your holy angels war against the angels of darkness who seek to destroy us at every turn. Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer!

Thank you for reminding us through your word of your great power, of your great defense, of your great deliverance for the captured and abused and persecuted and reviled. By your word we are strengthened and helped, by your word we are encouraged because it is proven our King, our Rescuer, our Strong Deliverer is coming and He will bring with Him a mighty army which no one can stop. Lord, in Your mercy hear our prayer!

Lord Jesus, we give thanks that You bruised the head of the old serpent and delivered us from his power. Let your angels war against those who seek our soul, and drive them far from us. Let your angels war against the angels of darkness who seek to destroy us at every turn as we walk or drive down the street, as we rest or sit in our homes, as we go to and from school, as we shop or attend to business. Lord, in Your mercy hear our prayer!

Lord Jesus, do not let the young or the old, the woman or the child be blindsided by the violent or the wicked. Instead, blind the violent and do not let the wicked have victory over us but come to our rescue, come to our defense O God—rescue us from the destruction of the evil one, our precious lives from the lion on the street. Lord, in Your mercy hear our prayer!

Once more, make our streets as safe as the streets of heaven! Until every path and sidewalk, back alley and intersection is secure and full of peace! Send Your holy angels to attend to our ways and to keep the man of violence far from us. Lord, in Your mercy hear our prayer!

We pray today for the presence of Your holy angels in the most troubled areas of our city…

We are confident to know the eyes of the Lord watch over his people and everywhere we go You go with us to defend and deliver us from evil! Amen


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