Intecessor’s Prayer Bulletin: Targeted Praying


Want to pray prayers that will change the spiritual climate, change circumstances, and change lives of others? Prayers that will allow god to accomplish his will on earth as it is in heaven? Move from praying in a general sense, to praying for individuals and places and situations in particular ways.

While general prayers are always welcomed (you know, those we pray asking God to bless the starving with food, give shelter to (all) the homeless, or bring peace to the world). When we want to see the full blessing of heaven released and God moving on our land, when we want others to experience the compassion of God and change the spiritual temperature then we should try praying specifics in many cases. For example:

Try praying for particular countries who are at war with one another and ask God to rule the land with His peace instead of praying for peace all over the world…Ask God to bind up the spirit of hostility and cause the leaders of countries to reason together and work out a plan for peace

Try praying for a particular ministry in your town, instead of asking for general blessing on the ministries in your area… For example if you are aware that a particular church has a food or clothing pantry to feed and clothe people in the community, pray they are blessed with an abundance of food and weather appropriate clothing to ensure their mission is carried out as God intends. The blessing their ministry is in their community will spill out into other areas as well.

Try praying for God to blanket a particular neighborhood in your area with his heavenly angels to protect the residents, instead of asking him to keep all the people of your city safe…For example if there is an area in town that seems to be targeted by pranksters, vandals, or thieves, pray God will seal up that area and dispel his heavenly agents to keep the residents safe, the businesses secure and the structures clean. That He will turn back the enemy and put up a field of protection they cannot come against or penetrate.

When you are praying for those who are plagued with worry and anxiety, try praying specifics…For example instead of asking God to give them peace of mind in a general sense, pray they are filled with peace about a particular situation they face. Pray the enemy will not be able to torment them day or night by causing them to worry about xyz, pray they will not trust in their imagination which is a high wall and shifting shadow, but that they are able to turn all their anxiety over to the Lord lean not on their own understanding. Bind up the enemy’s activity in their life and loose God’s blessing by praying the word of God.

Try praying for the homeless by envisioning the face of a homeless person you see often or occasionally, (it doesn’t matter that you don’t know his or her name). Instead of asking God to help the homeless in your city in a general way, ask for specific blessings…For example, pray they have permanent shelter, meaningful work, protection from inclement weather, food for the day, shoes for their feet, a warm coat in the winter months, reconnection with family, freedom from addiction, etc

Homeless people | Decode that sociological stuff!

Try praying for someone you know or know of, who is unemployed or sick or having trouble with their teenager, ask God to bless their lives in particular ways, as opposed to praying for all the sick everywhere to get well, or for every unemployed person to find work…

As we pray for hotspots, people and situations targeted by Satan to bring disruption we will blanket the earth with our prayers and God will shake and shape our land: His will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Very often the difference between targeted prayers and generalities is the difference between shooting arrows all around an area and aiming directly for the bull’s eye.  Aimless shooting may hit the target every once and a while, but the other will go straight to the source or need.

Arrow Shape clip art - vector clip art online, royalty free & public ...... ' something to aim for...and thereby 'increasing accuracy up to 80%

Praying for individuals will effect breakthrough where it is needed as well as sharpen our prayer insight. As we pray with a particular face or place in mind we can ask God to move in that situation and circumstance. God will use our prayers to unleash an abundance of blessing into the lives of others and you will be encouraged to pray more and pray more effectively!

One last thing, get your journal and pen ready so you can record all the miracles and blessing you will see as you pray this way!

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