A Prayer about Having and Receiving Hope

Lord Jesus, because you are the Spirit of Hope, we pray

Revive our spiritual zeal and fill us with hope once more!

Restore to us what the world steals away through trials and difficulty

Restore what is taken through sickness and struggle

Through pain and emotional turmoil

Through disappointment, grief, and weariness

And seal our faith in you: Christ Jesus the Hope of our soul

So that,

Regardless of what we encounter in this troubled world

we may endure with hope to the end.

We pray,

may the God of all hope fill us with all joy and peace in believing

so that by the power of the Holy Spirit we may therefore abound in hope

hear our prayers for our friends and family,

Including those we don’t know directly…

Pour out your love, and grace and strength in generous portions

Until the hopeless are hopeless no more

Until their faces shine bright in you…

Until their bones are strengthened…

Until their tears turn to laughter…

Until the night around them is as bright as day…

Until their mountains seem like molehills…

Until their enemies are pounded into dust…

Until their challenges are nothing more than a minor setback…

Until their hearts are light and troubles are driven away…

Until their laughter is heard everywhere and they are filled with hope

without measure! Amen


Images from:

www.desktopantimated.com , www.crazieemoments-cella.blogspot.com, www.zastavki.com, www.fbscarcoxie.org

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