Praying for Our Neighborhood and Community

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Praying for Healing with the Rising of the Sun                            

Heavenly Father, I pray for my neighbors today that have experienced any tragedy or distress during the night hours. I pray they are able to arise this morning and remember how you have been with them during the night hours. I pray healing for those who have had disagreement in their home and family: the healing of inconsiderate, harsh and thoughtless words spoken in the home, the healing of hurts and both psychological and emotional wounds incurred. I pray your spirit of forgiveness will abound. I pray the air of tension dissipates with the entrance your Spirit of joy and happiness. I pray for those whose disagreement escalated into physical violence. While abuse of all forms hurts and damages relationships and people, the wounds of physical fights cause damage both inwardly and outwardly. I pray you will bind up the spirit of violence and abuse in every home and bind each person to your Spirit of love and gentleness and may your healing be upon all who experienced violence to any degree! Lord, may the light of your love flood every heart and every home today! Especially today I pray for the                                              family and pray your perfect peace for every troubled mind in my neighborhood. I’m so glad today that a pray spoken here in my own home is able to affect the lives of others all around, near and far. In Jesus’ name, amen.


A Prayer for Covering during the Night Hours               

Heavenly Father I’m so glad that not even the darkness of night is as darkness to you! That you are able to see just as well in the dark as you are in the light of day! I pray for my neighbors who are saying farewell to the day now coming to a close. I pray for peace in every home. I pray for those who have experienced any form of unrest throughout the daylight will find their peace and comfort in you. I pray your holy angels will guard each home and keep us safe from unwelcome intruders and those who have evil intent on their mind and in their heart. Guard the entrances and exits of our community: every street corner, back alley, sidewalk, and pathway. May those who seek to bring any harm during the night be turned back by your heavenly presence! Some people trusts in security systems and guard dogs. Some in manmade weapons but those who put their trust in the Lord will never be put to shame! So I place my trust in you Lord. I know you are watching over our homes. I know you are not far away. I pray those who have not turned to you today will reconsider tonight and will lift a prayer to you before going to bed. May the peace of the Lord dwell richly here in our community, in our neighborhood, with every neighbor and every family, and in every heart. I pray especially for the                             family tonight and ask your grace and mercy to abide in their home. In Jesus’ name, amen

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