Praying God’s Word: Psalm 31


God of Comfort,

I love this psalm and my spirit is reluctant to leave it–my hands do not want to shut it up—my feet do not want to walk away, but I want to stay to meditate on every word here–by your promises I am helped!

God of Mercies,                                

You have read my mind and peeked into my heart—you know exactly what my distresses are—I cannot hide them from you—you speak to them directly—you know I am wasting away under their weight—my soul and my body are dizzy from the heaviness that come with so many grief’s—here in your kindness I am refreshed!

God of Strength,            

I have been confronted by my enemies both within and without—I know this: they are too much for me to handle by myself—my threats toward them are weak, they laugh at me—they have discovered I don’t have any strength of my own, I am weak and feeble—but your promise to come and help me revives me and gives me courage and they will be no more—through your promises I am strengthened!

God of Protection,                                  

My times are in your hand—I trust in you—I acknowledge publicly and privately you are my God—It’s only a matter of time before you cause your face to shine on me and warm me with your presence—you are my Rock, my Fortress, my Deliverer, my Strong Tower and I am wrapped in your steadfast love—by your care I am unstoppable!

Go of Grace                                  

When I leave your word I am helped—I am comforted—I am strengthened—I am encouraged—I am secure—I know you will silence every tongue set against me—push back every life-bully—shame the wicked—shackle the aggressor—by your promises I am emboldened!

God of Restoration                       Beach

Oh, how abundant is your goodness which you have stored up for those who fear you—blessed are you LORD for you have wondrously shown your great love to me—when I was being taken captive you delivered me—I will be strong and let my heart take courage—I will wait for you as you send the calvary to help me—through your promises I am set free!

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One Response to Praying God’s Word: Psalm 31

  1. Mary Rieger says:

    I really like this new format! Great insight too into making our prayers really count. God bless.

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