Praying for our Community and Neighbors

Prayer to be a Good Neighbor                                 

Heavenly Father, it seems only right that I would begin my prayers for those in my neighborhood and community by first praying to be a good neighbor myself. That I will glorify you in my living and conduct my life in a manner that is pleasing to you! The sense of community is only one of the beautiful attributes I inherit from you—so I want to do you proud. I pray to be an asset to my community and neighborhood: a good neighbor. May love and forgiveness start in my home and with me. May the fruit of the Spirit dwell richly first in my home and family and within me. Teach me how to live with others and to love peace and not quarrelling. While I pray that my property and possessions are respected by others may I also respect the property and possessions of others. I do not like to be talked about so I pray, keep the spirit of gossip far from me. I do not like to be judged, I pray, then, keep the spirit of judgment and criticism from me. As I pray that every heart and every home come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, may his first dwelling place be in my home and in my heart. Amen


A Prayer for the Unemployed…


Father, I pray for those in our community and neighborhood who are currently unemployed. Those who are looking for a job and cannot find one. Those whose family is suffering, whose wellbeing are in danger, whose shelters are threatened due to unemployment. Because you are able to open doors that have been closed I pray you will open a door that has been slammed shut on my unemployed neighbors. Bring job openings and job seekers together. Encourage those who have heard “no” so many times they doubt their worth and value, do not let them despair. Remind them today that you have created them only a little lower than the heavenly beings and to you they always worth and value and they are not forgotten. Fill each empty plate with food and each heavy heart with hope. I want to rejoice with them when they are able to find their new employment and may their testimony of all you have done for them be great. Today I pray especially for                         and his/her family as they experience a season of unemployment. Lord, in your mercy hear my prayer.


A Prayer for Those Whose Loved Ones Are Missing                  


Father in Heaven, today I pray for those who are suffering in such a special way because their loved one is missing. My soul also is anguished to think of their sorrow; the burden of not knowing where your loved one is: how great their sorrow must be! I first pray for the deliverance and safe return of the missing family member: I pray their life is spared. I pray you will reunite the missing and their loved ones quickly. Give courage to the despairing and hope to the fearful. Be their steady pulse and heartbeat and grant them rest of body, mind, and soul in these difficult days. Surround them with loving family and patient friends and supply every resource needed to bring their loved ones home again. May their sorrow be turned to joy and good news be theirs to hear!  Bring to justice all who have harmed or taken the life of another and let no stone go unturned until the lost are brought home where they belong. Lord, though the days may be long and the hours full of anguish, may it all be erased the moment family members are reunited. Lord, today I especially pray for the                             family, and also for their loved one who is missing may your comfort and strength be theirs today. Lord in your mercy hear my prayer…


A Prayer for Neighbors Suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia


God of Grace, I pray for my neighbors today who are suffering with feebleness of mind. I pray, watch over and guard all who suffer from Alzheimer’s or diagnosed with Dementia. Those who don’t remember as they once did and are becoming more and more forgetful. I pray that you will protect them and never let them wander away from home and family, nor from You! And when the memory is completely gone, give them new thoughts that will quiet their spirit and bring them new joys. Do not let the devil torment them day and night but give them peace of mind even now. Grant strength to the caregiver and provide for the families that are financially distressed due to the hardship of this or any illness. Be the comfort of every family who is saddened by their great loss. Today I pray especially for the family of                  and all who share this special journey of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Lord in Your mercy hear my prayer.


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