A Prayer for Troubled Marriages

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become on flesh—Ephesians 5:31

And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken—Ecclesiastes 4:12


Heavenly Father

I want to pray today for some friends whose marriage is in big trouble. By human standards and assessment it doesn’t look good—but in the back of my mind and when my faith kicks in I remember if anyone can pull off a miracle in these situations, it’s You!

I wish I could be of help. My heart goes out to anyone whose house is in turmoil, whose family life is experiencing turbulence, whose relationships are being tested and tried. I feel for any couple who is torn apart, standing on opposite sides of the fence, unable to agree one even the smallest matters; whose smiles and laughter has turned to fiery accusation, finger pointing, blame, disappointment, even hatred and disdain.


God, marriage is difficult in its best season; let alone when all hell is breaking into it. Suddenly the best place to be turns into the worst place on earth!

I worry about those whose homes have turned into battle grounds and there is no peace and the temperature is frigid. I worry when I hear stories on the news about feuding couples, turned tragic and murder suicide because someone has run out of answers or thought this was the best and only ending. And my heart is grieved for the children caught in the middle—who feel the impact of every argument, act of violence, slammed door and eventual separation.

So I come to do what I know best: I come to your throne to pray for those whose relationships are rocky, even volatile. Where human words can’t help and only your Holy Spirit can bring peace to the house, the relationship and to the decisions made.


I pray, where divorce is being contemplated and seems inevitable, help each party be reasonable and at peace and remember you are gracious and forgiving when our best efforts are just not enough and the best we can do is part ways…

I pray, where separation is advised, each party make good use of the cooling off time…

And I rejoice in the cases where reconciliation looks possible, even probable because even small victories are sweet!

Father, thank you for being with us in good and through our bad. For each couple that will stand before the altar today making vows and commitments to love ,honor and cherish so long as they both shall live; I pray be the third strand in that marriage. Amen


Stretching in Prayer:

Even if you are not married, or your marriage is experiencing a season of peace pray for others who are experiencing a season of testing!

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One Response to A Prayer for Troubled Marriages

  1. Patrice Washington says:

    This prayer works! Families are under attack. The enemy is constantly trying to kill, steal, and destroy. Trust God as the only one to restore peace and tranquillity in marriage. Parents, Best Friends, and family may mean well, but they can only help you through prayer, not advice! This worked for me.

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