A Prayer for the Grieving

God, Who Can I Call Then?

Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have given me relief when I was in distress. Be gracious to me and hear my prayer!—Psalm 4:1


Heavenly Father, people have been so good to me throughout this entire time I really can’t complain: so many words of comfort, so many phone calls from those far and near, so many expressions of kindness. Over and over I have heard; “If you need anything just call.” And sometimes I am tempted to do just that, Lord, except I think their invitation is for the hours when everyone is (naturally) awake. So few, if any I could call at that midnight or two am crisis when I’m feeling lost or extremely lonely or very fearful about my future. God, who can I call then? Who can I call without disturbing their rest or interrupting their dinner hour? Who can I call in the middle of the work day when everyone is hard at work? Who can I call on the weekend when grief hits me like a ton of bricks and everyone is running errands or enjoying a much needed time off? I thank you for those who issue the invitation and truly mean it. Those who I really can call on day or night to listen and console me…But I am especially glad that I can call You any time of day or night and I know You will answer, I know You won’t be sleeping, I know You won’t be too busy or distracted to take time to talk to me, I know you have been waiting to talk to me too. Amen


Silver Lining

Good friends are precious treasure during grief. Those who both stick close by and also give us needed space to work through our grief. But even more precious is our Lord who is available 24/7, day and night, anytime of the day or night! Sometimes being forced to rely upon God alone can actually work out for our good in the long run.


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