A Prayer for the Anxious Mind

A Verse to Think About

But now thus says the LORD, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel; “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine—Isaiah 43:1

A Promise to Hold

Even though we can cross paths with a person we haven’t seen in ages, or discover someone we knew long ago has been living just up the block or around the corner all this time… or exclaim that it’s such a small world!” when we realize how many people we have in common with someone…In reality the world is a big place and it’s easy to get lost in it! It’s easy to lose touch with people—even family! It’s easy to become a number on a chart, or a statistic in someone’s book; a face without a name. easy to get lost to anyone, except God! God cannot lose us. He cannot forget our names. He does not refer to us by a number and we are not a statistic in his heavenly prayer book! When God says he knows us by name, he means it! Knows us so well he even knows the number of hair we have on our head! (Matthew 10:30) That’s not only awesome, it’s comforting! If one of our thoughts that lead to anxiety is the thought of becoming lost in the great masses or being separated from God; then we need not worry about that ever happening. And since we can never be lost by God our needs, circumstances, or lives can never be lost to him or forgotten by him! Sometimes it does seem as though God is silent: he never is! Sometimes it may seem as though we are lost in the crowd but God knows every voice every cry, every whisper, including yours!

A Prayer to Pray

Father, sometimes I panic because I am just a number on a chart or spec on a graph in so many settings. The Occupant on a piece of mail…When my problems go on and on or my trials don’t lift right away and I wake up to the same obstacles day after day, I begin to think maybe I’m like that to you; just one of billions in this huge world. Yet, I know that is not true and could never be true! Thank you for this gentle reminder today that I am never lost to you, never a number or statistic but you call me by name and my face is engraved on the palms your hands. May my spirit be at peace today as I rest in this promise! Amen


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