Intercessors Prayer Bulletin: Praying Against

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In holding with the characteristics of true intercession do you remember to add “praying against” to your prayers? Just as important as calling down blessing, relief, or protection for people, places, lands and circumstances, is praying that God, in His power, authority, and might will put a stop to enemy and destructive activity. Oftentimes we forget we do have, through our praying, the ability and authority to stop the forces of evil in their tracks. We should not think all things are meant to be, or even ordained by God to exist, and stand without a fight.

Look over your list of prayer concerns. What is there that you have been asking God’s help? Are there some who are in need of strength in a particularly difficult season? Are there some who are in the midst of violent battle with the devil? Is the enemy doing some serious damage in someone’s marriage, family life? Has he snatched someone’s child away? Is the Church under persecution; some local congregation or Christian fellowship under vicious attack? Have you prayed for God’s help and a good outcome to take place? If so, that’s good praying; but adding prayers against will move your good prayer to the realm of effectual prayer.

Study Psalm 74 as an example of what happens in this kind of prayer. Psalm 74 is an excellent example, and can even serve as a guide as you become familiar with what it means to pray against enemy activity and presence. I have categorized such prayers as violent or battle prayers because they are heavy weapons for mass destruction which we can take onto the battlefield and into the war zone.

In this psalm enemies had come to take over and destroy all the schools of God in the land, as well as His temple and the cities. They were arrogant and bold and taunted the people saying their God would not see or be able to do anything about it. But here is a strong prayer to show the people of God did not fold over or lie down in defeat as the enemy hoped; they prayed, not only about their situation and what the enemy was up to, but they prayed against the enemy and his destructive works!

As you study this psalm see how the psalmist reminds God how He defended them in times gone by (vss. 12-17). See how he boldly asks God to overthrow and bring destruction against the enemy in verses 11, 22.

Using God’s word as a pattern for prayer will help you pray boldly and confidently, knowing God is not only on our side, ready to defend His people, the innocent, the Church from enemy assault, but will exert His power over and against them as well.    


O God, do not cast us off forever. Do not deliver the soul of your dove (precious one) into the hand of these wild beasts who have no regard for you; do not forget the life of your poor forever but have regard for the covenant you have made with us. (v19, 20). Deliver us from evil, bring to ruin and destroy those who seek to destroy                     . Remember how you have helped                    before during time of attack, how you have crushed and divided and even fixed boundaries the enemy could not cross. We/I pray not only for deliverance of/for                   but that you would destroy the forces of evil and the works of their hand in this situation. Arise, O God, defend your cause. Do not forget the clamor of your foes, the uproar of those who rise against you, which go up continually. Because all victory is secured the moment we bring it to your attention we/I thank you for all you will do and accomplish here. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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Intercessor’s Prayer Bulletin: Praying for the Abducted and Imprisoned

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Looking at Psalm 142 we can see how easily it is also the cry of those who have been stalked, abducted, and being held prisoner against their will.

Children; boys, girls and young women snatched from their environments, from their families, schools, workplace. Tormented, physically, psychologically, and sexually abused and harassed every day of their captivity. Not knowing if today will be their last day on earth or not. Held captive by the perverted, the tyrannical, the oppressor.

When we hear of those who have been stolen away we should not rest until we also hear of their safe return to home and family. We should not let our prayers be silent until we know they are safe and sound. And throughout their captivity we should remember to pray for their strength, courage and help. To pray that although their bodies may be broken day after day; that their minds are strong, their faith in God for deliverance does not wane, their spirit is not crushed; so theirs is a victorious outcome in every way.


As we, with them, await their release we can pray along with them psalm 142;

O Lord, with one voice we cry out to you;

With our voice we plead for mercy to the Lord!

We pour out our complaint before You

We tell of our troubles before You

When the spirit of the missing faint within them, you know their way!

In the path where they walked their captor has hidden a trap for them

Look to the right and see there are none who take notice of them;

There is no refuge for them; and no one to care for their soul.

We cry to You, O LORD;

We say, “You are their refuge, their portion in the land of the living

Now in the land of captivity also.

Attend to their cries, O LORD, for they are brought very low!

Deliver them from their persecutors,

For they are too strong for them!

Bring them out of prison, that they may

Give thanks to your name!

The righteous will surround them,

For you will deal bountifully with them!


Is there some little child, boy, girl, or woman you want to pray this psalm for daily until they are brought home alive and safe? Are their dozens, hundreds, thousands you want to keep in prayer during their time of suffering? The torture they face, the daily torment they endure is much too much for most of us to even think about. If there is any comfort, it is in knowing God has not left them alone and even as we join them in prayer they are comforted. As badly as things appear God will secure deliverance for them through our intercession.

When you hear of an abduction or captivity do not keep going about your tasks as though you have not heard or thinking you will remember to pray for them later. At first hearing of a capture and abduction

  • Pray their captors cannot take their life but spare them. As the first three hours are the most critical time after the initial captivity.
  • Pray their captor’s will have pity and let them go; release them even if he has already wounded them.
  • Pray for leads and witnesses to come forward and help point authorities in the direction they went
  • Pray for a door and window of escape to be opened so the abducted and captured can flee.
  • Pray the fierce angel of the LORD will surround them most immediately and no matter what the plans of the abductor are they cannot kill or destroy them
  • Pray God have complete and sovereign control over the situation
  • Pray God wil ldisperse ministering angels to the abducted and keep his or her mind in perfect peace throughout.
  • Commit the individual into the hands of God

Do not worry about how it appears to others concerning your immediate prayers. Does God have use or control of you only in private, during set prayer hours or always, day and night, in season or out of season?

Keep a slip with prayer the petitions written down on your person (handbag, briefcase, etc) so they are handy and you will not be at a loss as to what to pray when hearing of an abduction and captivity.

As we are reminded through the words of the prophet Isaiah concerning the intercessions of God’s people and the promises of God being fulfilled;

On your walls, O Jerusalem,

I have set watchmen;

All the day and all the night

They shall never be silent.

You who put the LORD in remembrance, take no rest,

And give him no rest

Until he establishes Jerusalem and makes it a praise in the earth.

                                                                                                Isaiah 62:6-7

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Praying God’s Word: Psalm 88

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Reading the psalmists words we are taken straight into the mind and daily reality of those who suffer with severe depression leading to despondency. The psalmist helps us to know the thoughts and feelings taking place in that darkness hardly anybody can penetrate. They feel as though God has not only abandoned them, but brought this deep affliction to them. They are wasting away; does God even care? Does He see their misery; the great battle for their life they are in?

Martin Luther often wrote and commented that depression, anxiety, fear, despondency were nothing less than “fiery darts and flaming arrows of the devil himself”. Through these Satan is able to establish a stronghold that cannot be overcome with self-help books, the best counsel, or good thoughts. They will not be destroyed by simply wishing one well and admonishing them to “be happy” but are such that the words of Jesus are applicable here; “These cannot be moved except by prayer and fasting!” Prayer and fasting, not by the afflicted, but by those who care about them! The depressed, anxious, fearful, despondent can hardly lift their head to go about their day, let alone enter into deep prayer or fasting for demolishing the stronghold placed over them by the devil!

Many proverbs say admonishing the sorrowful to praise and sing during their depressions is like pouring vinegar over the teeth! The reception of such counsel is rejected and hated, and can even make the depressed sink lower; rather than received with gladness.

While a joyful heart keeps sorrows away; the deeply depressed must be led gently to praise, and they will as the depression and sorrow lifts through the prayers of others. “Don’t worry, be happy” cannot be the caring counsel they are fed; this will only lead them to greater despair and feelings of doom and inadequacy.

Spend some time in Psalm 88 as you pray for those who are afflicted in such a way. Remember that they need much, daily attending. And do not grow weary of doing good as St. Paul wrote, because in due season we will, if we do not give up (Galatians 6:9).

Be the friend in prayer who sticks close by and do not abandon them as many are apt to do! Write the names of those who are made known to you in a prominent place so you do not forget to pray for them; as out of sight, out of mind can apply to prayer as well. Visit them often, remind them of God’s love and presence and pray for them always!


A prayer for the depressed and despondent from Psalm 88—

O LORD, God of our salvation; we cry out day and night before you on behalf of those who cry out day and night in their great pain of depression, anxiety, fear, and despondency. Let our prayer come before You and incline Your ear to hear our cry!

I pray for the afflicted                                                              for their soul is full of troubles and their life draws near to the gates of hell, they are already considered among those who go down into the pit. They are without any strength; like one set loose among the dead, like the slain that lie in the grave (already), like those you remember no more, for they are cut off from Your hand. You have put them in the depths of the pit, in the regions dark and deep. Your wrath lies heavily upon them, and they are overwhelmed with all your waves—the ups and downs of emotions… Selah

They feel as though You have caused their companions to shun them; that you have made them a horror to others. They are shut in so that they cannot escape; their eye grows weary and dim through sorrow. Every day they call upon You, O Lord, they spread out their hands to you. Do you work wonders for the dead? Do the departed rise up and praise You? Selah

Is Your steadfast loved declared in the grave, or your faithfulness in Abaddon? Are Your wonders known in the darkness, or your righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?

But I, O LORD, cry to you; in the morning our prayer comes before you. O Lord, do not cast their soul away” do not hide your face from them! Afflicted and close to death from their youth up, they suffer terrors; they are helpless. Do not let Your wrath sweep over them; do not let dreadful assaults destroy them. They are surrounded like a flood all day long; they close in on them completely. Their beloved family and friends shun them; their companions have become darkness and despair.

O Lord hear my prayer for the suffering and afflicted and depressed and despondent; do not let the grave claim them, do not let them be found alone; but lift them from their miry pit and save them. It is Your glory to bring life from death and give joy where there is only sorrow and sinking.

In the name of our Savior Jesus, who did not stay in the grave but came up triumphantly to reign on high forever and ever. Amen


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Prayer for Children and Youth

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Lord God, forgive our sins against You, our sins against one another, our sins against our children and youth. Lord we have not walked in the path of our ancestors passing to the next generation that which is good and lasting, but we have been a sinful people, neglectful, busy, self-determined, and self-absorbed! We have left our youth uncovered, left them to find their own way to You and in this dark world. Left them to false teachings and wolves dressed in sheep clothing. Left them for the pursuit of dollars and material possessions. Left them for soulish ties and worldly loves. Left them uncovered by the waters of Holy Baptism and clothed them instead in designer names and given them electronic babysitters. Lord God is it no wonder we now reap the whirlwind of what we have neglected to tend and to sow?

Forgive us O Lord and heal our land! Heal our children! Heal our youth! Heal our hearts! Heal our homes and families! Heal our communities and our world! Heal our churches and temples! Do not be angry with us forever but restore us and transform us into people who walk in Your ways and please You with our lives and the way we raise our children!

Do not meet out wrath upon us for our failure and preoccupations but pour out Your grace and restore us! Grant us a spirit of love for our youth like never before. In Your power may we rearrange our calendars and put the names of children all over this land who are in need of attention, love, guidance, covering and prayer. Take the weapons from their hands and substances from their mouths, and disobedience from their hearts and make them Yours and ours again. And now,

  • Rest Your hand upon the child involved in crime and acts of violence
  • Release that child who is being influenced by forces of evil and their own peers who have gone astray and bind them to Your way of fruitfulness and purposeful living
  • Lift up that child who is afflicted and suffering at the hand of the demented and perverse
  • Light the path of that child who is in the darkness and has no help to come out and deliver him or her from their torment
  • Teach that youth who is confused and left to follow his or her own course
  • And now, heal our households and bring children and parents together. Where there has division and rebellion set Your Spirit of peace, obedience and agreement

Lord, we can do nothing under our own power, but with You all things are possible—even turning the disobedient and stubborn from their ways to Yours which are pure and holy. May the waters of Holy Baptism flow in this land like never before and the child that has been turned away and left to their own resources now be loved and trained in the way they should go so even when they are old they will not depart from it! In Jesus’ name. Amen

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Intercessor’s Prayer Bulletin: Borderless Prayer

shrink the earth s population to a village of precisely 100 people ...

Although we think of the earth in a geographical sense:

Divided up into continents, countries, states, and cities

As God looks at our world He does not see such divisions

We are his creation occupying the world He created.

And His Spirit hovers over and walks the entire earth;

He is everywhere present!

Therefore, when we pray for others, whether in our own home,

across town, in another city, state, or even in another country or continent

God uses our prayer to touch them through His Holy Spirit immediately!

There is no delay like mailing a letter

or getting to them by plane, train, or automobile!

The person in Cambodia, Syria, Africa, New Zealand, will feel our prayers

as quickly as the person in our own house or down the street.

That’s the power, mystery, and awesomeness of God in action!

The earth is the LORD’S and the fullness thereof, the earth and those who dwell therein,

For he has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers—Psalm 24:1-2

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Intercessor’s Prayer Bulletin

Speaking of being taught directly by Christ concerning prayer and His Word. One such teaching comes through Matthew 16 where He taught the disciples about the Keys to the Kingdom of God (Matthew 16:18-19).

While we know He was speaking to them concerning the ministry of faith and forgiveness and what would be bound on earth and in heaven through these. He uses this very teaching to enlighten his followers today concerning intercession.

Listen to the amount of complaint about the condition of things as they are on earth: much complaint but not much (or enough) prayer to counteract all that is happening.

For example the level of drug activity on earth and the youth of our day. If Satan is able to establish a stronghold in the life of one young person times infinity, then he has gained a great ground and stronghold. That means these that are captured and captivated by drug use are not useful in the field, or for the Church, or for the harvesting, let alone living an abundant life for and in Christ. That means these that are captured and captivated will spend nearly their entire lives battling between sobriety and substance therefore they will not be in the Word of God or concerned about the things of god or concerned about salvation or knowledgeable about the forgiveness, mercy, grace, or healing of God.

But we are not to be satisfied with what we see taking place in this age concerning drugs or any other matter of darkness. See through Christ’s teaching about the Keys to the Kingdom of God also to mean through prayer we have the ability to bind up on earth and it will be bound in heaven as well. To lose on earth and it will be loosed in heaven as well. This concerns both good and evil.

As an intercessor are you praying for the binding up of devastating drugs and substances on earth meant to kill and destroy God’s people and bright minds? Are you praying for the capture of drug lords and the discovery and binding up of drug cartels? The binding up of the drugs sold in our communities and schools; the binding up of good minds and young lives to God’s good and for His use alone? Are you praying for the binding up of violent crime in our communities? Crime that sweeps through and brings destruction on a number of levels? That stops the spread of the Gospel? And praying for the loosing of God’s Kingdom and will on earth? The loosing of His love and power; and on and on?

Christ did not say this binding would be easy or swift—but that it is possible and it is powerful when put to (proper) use. Do not look at the situations on earth and simply think they must be… and, We are entirely helpless here… But look and see here is where binding needs to take place…here is where loosing needs to happen!  Remember, Here is where the Keys to the Kingdom have been given to God’s people regarding faith, forgiveness and prayer.

Like the saying; “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” In prayer; “The knee that bends to pray is the knee that determines outcomes and spiritual atmospheres and strongholds, binding, loosing, and gaining.

Let us go forth and pray with power, knowledge, conviction, with Christ by our side.

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Intercessor’s Prayer Bulletin

As an intercessor be open to Christ coming to you, sitting with you to expound upon His Word. Be open to His teaching concerning prayer. Be open to His explaining the deep(er) meaning of some teaching, promise, parable, command, etc. especially as it relates to prayer.

If you are skeptical about this, then you have not yet had the experience, but trust it is possible. Learn to ask Christ each time of prayer to visit with you. To help you understand the ways of prayer more deeply and clearly. To help you grow in intercession. Just like the disciples asked of him; Jesus, teach us to pray (like you)… and He answered their request most immediately with instruction. He will also answer the intercessor who wishes to be more knowledgeable and effectual in prayer. He knows your heart for Himself and for others. He knows your heart for prayer.

The ministry of prayer is a ministry of helps, healing, and encouragement. But it is also a ministry of battle and spiritual warfare and the Savior will give and teach you everything you need to know in order to be a formidable opponent to His chief enemy on earth, namely Satan and his mighty band.

God’s Word is truth. It is living and now. It is a storehouse of treasure for the Intercessor. As Timothy said;

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work (3:16).

And the Intercessor who wants to be more like Christ in prayer will find much help there.

(One final note, when you ask Him, come with paper and pen expecting to receive. Asking Jesus for help and not being prepared is like praying for rain and carrying no umbrella when you go out!)

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